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Seek help if you’re bitten by a dog in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | personal injury

Dog bites are perhaps not as rare as you’d believe, and they’re particularly common when dogs are in confined spaces with humans. For example, in the winter, animals may live inside more than in the summer. That can lead to situations where a dog becomes anxious, aggressive or hyper, all potentially leading to a dog bite.

Whether it happens at home, a friend’s home or another party’s house, a dog bite is serious business. If you are bitten at any time, you should seek immediate medical care. Even if the bite doesn’t seem serious right away, puncture wounds can become infected and lead to dangerous complications. Animal bites are very serious and can leave lasting scars, psychological trauma and nerve damage. Worst-case scenarios may end in death.

Should I report a dog bite?

After a bite takes place, you should report it. In Minnesota, this means reporting the bite to the local Minnesota Police Department and Minnesota Animal Care & Control. MACC will come to the location of the attack and to your location to investigate.

Even if you don’t report the incident directly, attending physicians have no choice but to report animal attacks. Give an accurate description of the dog and where it is so that the police and animal control can contact the owner, place the dog in quarantine and take other actions as necessary.

Owners are responsible for their pets’ actions. If you suffer an injury, they will be able to be held liable for any expenses that result from the attack including lost wages, medical care and more.