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Returning to work after a worker’s comp claim

Worker’s Comp Claim Issues Can Continue When You Return To Work

If you suffered an injury on the job that required worker’s comp, you need to be sure you have fully recovered before you start working again. Your employer might be pressuring you, but you must have your own best interests in mind.

Do not let your company force you back to work too soon. If you are feeling pressured, call our worker’s comp attorney at the Law Office of James Nethercut, P.A.

Important Questions You Need Answered Before Returning To Work

You might be anxious to get back to your job, but you must be sure you are physically capable of doing the job. Before you consider returning, there are important things to consider.

Your company is not required to hold your job for you. Often, when an employer gets frustrated with an employee who is collecting worker’s comp, they intimidate the employee and encourage them to return before they are ready.

· What can You do if your employer wants you to return before you are ready?

The first thing you should do is find out if you are being offered light duty. Find out what that light duty will be and the job requirements. Then talk to your doctor to get their approval. If you are medically approved, you are required to go back to your job. If you do not return, they can fire you. However, you can get a second opinion.

· Are you jeopardizing your employment if you go back too soon?

If you go back too quick, you face the possibility of reinjuring yourself. If that happens, you could hurt your worker’s comp claim or cause permanent injuries. However, if you refuse to return to work, they might look for reasons to fire you or lay you off.

Your employer’s insurance company might also offer you a settlement. If you decline the settlement, the company might use that as a reason for ending your worker’s comp benefits. The Family and Medical Leave Act offers additional protections. You need to understand your options.

Protecting You, Your Rights And Your Worker’s Comp Claim

Contact us if you face challenges to your worker’s comp claim, or your employer wants you to return to work too soon in the north metro area of the Twin Cities or anywhere in Minnesota. Call 612-504-5763 or email us if your worker’s comp claim is being challenged.

You don’t have to deal with the aftermath of a work injury alone. Call me at 612-504-5763 to learn how I can help.