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Your crash might fall under workers' compensation ... or not

Your boss decided to send you to a special conference on the company's dime. You were excited about it because you only needed to drive a few hours before you'd be at the conference and among people who are interested in the same things that you are. You want to learn more about your job and the career that you've put so much time into.

You can get help if you're involved in a rear-end collision

Rear-end crashes are fairly common, especially with the number of distractions people face behind the wheel. On top of this, the winter months make the roads slick, which means that drivers may need even more time to slow down.

What are some good ways to avoid a crash?

Car and truck crashes can happen in an instant. A person might look away from the road for only a second and end up crashing into the rear of another vehicle. A person could look away from the road to break up their children's fight in the back seat and accidentally go off the road. With so many factors playing a role in car crashes, it's hard to say what will cause one, but it's always possible to take steps to avoid them.

Trapped in a sinking vehicle? Here's what you should do

Traffic accidents can happen anywhere, but there are a few places where the risk of injury increases. Have you ever driven close to a lake? Do you know what to do if you drive into a lake or river as a result of being hit by another driver?

Minnesota State Fairgrounds removes Pokestops, gyms

Traffic accidents can be relatively minor or result in severe injuries or deaths. The force of the impact is just one influence on the outcome of the crash, with other factors such as where each person was sitting, the angle of the impact and the size of the vehicles involved also playing a role in the injuries and damage caused.

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