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Do You Have Questions About Motor Vehicle Accident Claims?

Here are answers to a few common questions about motor vehicle accidents. Each situation is unique. Please call the Law Office of James R. Nethercut, P.A., at 612-504-5763 for answers to your specific questions in you have a motor vehicle accident claim in the Twin Cities’ north metro area.

I don’t think I’m seriously hurt. Do I need to see a doctor after a car accident?

Even if you think you’re not seriously hurt, but have symptoms, it’s a good idea to see a doctor. Many common injuries associated with car accidents, such as whiplash, may not be apparent immediately after a crash. Because it’s not always easy to tell how injured you truly are, you should refrain from telling the other driver that you’re OK, and you should wait until you’ve been evaluated by a doctor before making any kind of statement to your insurance company.

What if I’m not sure who caused the car crash?

Auto collisions happen in an instant, so it can be difficult to tell what happened. Don’t speculate about the cause when you exchange insurance information with the other driver, and certainly do not accept responsibility. In some cases, accidents can be caused by defective parts on the car itself, not wrongdoing by any driver.

How much compensation will I get after a car accident?

The short answer: It depends. While the exact amount will depend on multiple nuanced factors, your settlement should fairly compensate you for the full extent of the injuries and damage you suffered. This could include medical expenses, compensation for unpaid time off work, pain and suffering, and damage to your car and other property, among other things. An experienced attorney can help you document the full impact of the accident and make sure you receive the compensation you need to recover.

What should I do after a hit-and-run accident?

In general, you’ll follow the same steps you should take after any car accident, although you won’t be able to exchange information with the other driver. Jot down anything you remember about the car that hit you (color, make, license plate state or number). If there were any witnesses to the hit-and-run, ask for their contact information. It is a crime to leave the scene of an accident, so the other driver may face criminal charges.

Get Your Other Questions Answered At A Free Consultation

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