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What changes could help reduce crash deaths in the U.S.?

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2020 | motor vehicle accidents

The loss of life to auto accidents is incredibly high in the United States when you compare the figure to other similar countries. The Centers for Disease and Control Prevention suggests that following the lead of other countries and how they keep accident rates low could provide the best chance possible for the U.S. to lower its own accident death rate.

There are certain proven methods other countries use that have helped to reduce their death tolls and keep them low.

Use proven methods

Other countries often use this strategy of seeing what others are doing and what works. They look at the proof that certain things can reduce accident numbers, such as sobriety checkpoints and proper enforcement of minimum drinking ages. the U.S. should do more internal studies to come up with things that specifically work here.

Make better use of technology

Other countries use automated enforcement, such as red light cameras. They also make good use of technology, such as ignition interlock devices, which help to keep drunk driving incidents low. In addition, these countries use more safety features in vehicles.

Follow best practices

Best practices are those things that we know work in the U.S., such as enforcing seat belt laws. However, we know with seat belts that it is best when the seat belt law is a primary offense. Another example is car seats for children.

In addition, setting reasonable blood alcohol content levels is important, but the U.S. has levels that are much higher than in other countries. A drop in the BAC limit could be helpful in reducing drunk driving, which is a major cause of fatal car accidents.