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Will a settlement consider a crash’s impact on a family?

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2020 | motor vehicle accidents

It’s devastating to find out that your spouse has been badly hurt in a traffic accident. You rely on them, so your family’s situation is going to change as a result of this collision.

There may be a real role reversal after a crash like this, especially if it involves the breadwinner. You may already work but need to increase your hours. You could also find that you don’t have the opportunity to work because you have to stay home to care for your spouse as they recover.

If you’re impacted by your spouse’s crash, then that has to be considered in a settlement

When negotiating a settlement for a personal injury suffered in a car crash, it’s important to consider how the individual involved in the crash was impacted. It’s also important to consider how their family and loved ones were challenged by the injury. For example, the collision might mean that your spouse can no longer work, and it might mean that you lose your job as well since you have to care for them until they recover. That’s two people who can no longer work, and that should be accounted for.

This is just one example of how you might be impacted by your loved one’s crash. Your family might also be challenged by changes in your spouse’s behavior or abilities in the future. You might have to move or have your home altered for their new disability.

All of these factors have to be considered before you accept any kind of settlement from the other party’s insurance.