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Get the help you need after an air bag’s defective deployment

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2019 | personal injury

If you’re in a crash, one of the things that most people hope will happen is for the air bags to open correctly. When they deploy appropriately, they can prevent much more serious injuries from taking place. For example, a driver’s air bag can stop your head from hitting the steering wheel. It can reduce the force with which you impact it, too, since it immediately begins to deflate after deployment.

Air bags can be extremely dangerous, though. Did you know that the standard air bag deploys at around 200 mph? That bag is going to hit you with a lot of force, even though it’s designed to help prevent injuries.

Air bags are designed for an average person of an average height and weight. Someone who is taller, shorter or overweight may be at risk of suffering more serious injuries when the air bags deploy. Some people have suffered injuries such as broken ribs, organ damage, broken noses and other injuries.

There is also the risk of a defective air bag. If an air bag deploys but doesn’t deflate, it could crush or suffocate a victim. It could also go off accidentally, causing a collision. This might happen if the air bag has an overly sensitive triggering mechanism.

If you are driving a vehicle that has air bags, remember that you should put as much space as you can between yourself and where it deploys to reduce the risk of a painful impact. If your air bag does deploy unexpectedly, you can pursue a claim for any injuries or damages that are suffered by you or your loved ones as a result.