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Scarring can limit your movement: Here's why

There are many kinds of personal injuries that you could suffer from, but one issue that is not discussed nearly enough is the impact of scar tissue after you begin to heal.

Did you know that there are several kinds of scar tissue? Depending on the type your body develops, you could have pain and dysfunction long after you heal.

What are the four kinds of scars?

There are four main types of scars including, keloids, contracture scars, hypertrophic scars and acne scars. Of all of these, contracture scars, keloids and hypertrophic scars are the most likely to occur after an injury. Out of these, contracture scars and keloids have the potential to limit your movement.

How can you treat scars that limit your movement?

Fortunately, medical science makes it possible to treat scars that are limiting your mobility.

  • Keloids that are affecting how you move may be able to be removed with radiation, laser surgery, steroid injections, liquid nitrogen and other methods.
  • Contracture scars, on the other hand, may affect the muscles and nerves. Treating these scars is more difficult, but steroid injections and silicone sheets used to flatten the scar can help.

When you first suffer from your injury, your medical provider will take time to talk to you about scarring and what you should expect. If a serious scar is developing, there may be treatments that can help prevent it from getting worse. In the meantime, your attorney will work with you to get you a fair settlement that covers any scar treatment you may need in the future.

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