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Minnesota State Fairgrounds removes Pokestops, gyms

On Behalf of | May 2, 2019 | motor vehicle accidents

Traffic accidents can be relatively minor or result in severe injuries or deaths. The force of the impact is just one influence on the outcome of the crash, with other factors such as where each person was sitting, the angle of the impact and the size of the vehicles involved also playing a role in the injuries and damage caused.

Some collisions are caused by distractions, such as some caused by people playing “Pokemon GO!” In Minnesota, the Minnesota State Fair officials believe that the players pose a significant risk to others, and they’ll be removing their “battlegrounds” as a result.

The Fairgrounds have been used as a meeting area for Pokemon group battles, since the Fairgrounds had several Pokestops and gyms. That led to up to hundreds of people coming to the area every day. Sadly, some of those visits ended poorly.

In at least one case, a car drove off a retaining wall. Some crashed into each other. While the State Fair police chief believes that the players are usually polite, they were creating an unsafe environment. As of yet, there have been no injuries noted, but the Fairgrounds have over 300 events taking place annually, so the risk of pedestrians or dog-walkers getting hit was becoming too great.

The Fairgrounds officials officially asked Niantic to remove the stops and gyms from the property, and the company did so. It’s hoped this will greatly reduce the risk of crashes in the future.

Distractions can cause collisions quickly, harming those who are simply trying to get to their destination. If you’re hit by someone playing a game like this, you can seek compensation for their negligence.