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White Bear Lake police focused on stopping drunk drivers

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2019 | motor vehicle accidents

White Bear Lake is a beautiful area with many residents who call it home. Unfortunately, there are people who get behind the wheel while intoxicated in the city.

The cold weather makes alcohol a prime option for drinks, but combining driving and alcohol has become a problem. In February 2019, officers took to the street to patrol for intoxicated and distracted drivers specifically. The White Bear Lake Police Department received a grant for $95,000 from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety to set up a position for DWI enforcement, so it’s normal to see an officer dedicated to enforcement presently.

As someone who has previously been struck by a drunk driver, the news of this new position should be positive. Today, there is an officer dedicated to making sure people are not distracted or intoxicated behind the wheel. The solo officer isn’t responding to 911 calls or other emergencies with the rest of the unit, instead, taking time to focus on keeping reckless and dangerous drivers off the roads. Whether they’re texting and weaving through traffic or driving so slowly that something appears to be wrong, there is now a dedicated patrol officer there to warn them, arrest them, get them help or write them a ticket.

The city is taking steps to reduce the number of DWI-related collisions taking place, which is great news for every resident. Our site has more information on what you should do if you are involved in a crash with an intoxicated driver or someone who was simply not paying attention to the road.